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Hamblin’s Pharmacy located on Nobles Close on the Heartsease Estate
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Medicine Use Review (MURs)


At Hamblin’s Pharmacy our pharmacists are highly trained and skilled healthcare professionals who can help you get the most out of the medication that you take.
If you have any questions about the prescription you are taking come into Hamblin’s Pharmacy for our FREE medicine check service.

  • We provide our customers with free advice on every aspect of their medication requirements.
  • The safety of medication during pregnancy
  • The side effects of medication and what to do if a customer experiences side effects
  • Whether tablets or capsules can be crushed, broken or opened up to make them easier to take
  • When to take and when not to take medication
  • Driving and operating machinery when taking certain medications
  • Whether all of a customer’s different medication can be taken together at the same time
  • What to do if a dose is missed


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Hamblin's Pharmacy located on Noble Close within the Heatsease Estate
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